Egg numbers and weight are increased when layers utilize the pre and probiotics in JH Biotech’s biological products.



Methionate Complexed Multimineral

Bio4 is a nutritional animal feed supplement formulated to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in animals and poultry. Bio4 contains […]

Bio4® Plus Methionine Complexed Minerals

Methionine Complexed Multimineral

Bio4® Plus Methionine Complexed Minerals is a nutritional animal feed supplement formulated to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in animals.

Buffermin® -L

Chelated Liquid Multimineral Supplement

Buffermin® -L contains glycine chelated minerals intended to be used as a nutritional supplement for animals. Buffermin® -L can be […]

Buffermin® Chromium Nicotinate

Chromium nicotinate is the product resulting from the chelation of chromium with nicotinic acid. It is a nutritional feed supplement […]

Buffermin® Chromium Yeast

Chromium Enriched Yeast

Chromium yeast is the product resulting form the fermentation of saccharomyces cerevisiae with salts of chromium. It is a nutritional […]

Buffermin® Glycinate

Chelated Mineral Supplements

Partially soluble mineral glycine complexes with low molecular weight and small particle size that are easily absorbed in animals.

Buffermin® Methionate

Complexed Mineral Supplements

Essential sulfur amino acid methionine complex to prevent or correct mineral deficiencies and provide supplemental methionine for optimum body function.

Buffermin® Proteinate

Chelated Mineral Supplements

Minerals chelated to amino acids and proteins that are designed to provide essential minerals and a high-quality protein source.

Buffermin® Selenium Yeast

Selenium Enriched Yeast

Buffermin® Selenium Yeast is a organic complex selenomethionine formulated to prevent and correct selenium deficiency in animals. In addition to promoting […]


Chelated Multimineral Soluble Powder

Buffermin-SP is a multimineral mixture with bioavailable organic nutrients made from unique mineral chelation. Buffermin-SP corrects mineral deficiencies much quicker […]


Powder Vitamin E & Selenium Balance

E-Sel® is a nutritional supplement that aims to enhance the synergistic effects of vitamin E and selenium in livestock and […]

Gut Health


Aspergillus Meal Nutritional Additive

FerMax is a whole extract of Aspergillus oryzae fermentation and contains natural prebiotics including B-glucans, oligosaccharides, chitosan, and glucosamine. FerMax […]

Nutra-Aid™ Bio

Direct-Fed Microbial Premix

A broad-spectrum feed additive containing multiple Direct-Fed Microbials (DFM).  Nutra-Aid™ Bio contains yeast culture with probiotics, digestive feed enzymes and cell wall […]



Nutra-Aid™ BS is a direct fed microbial feed additive containing a specially selected strain of Bacillus subtilis, proven to inhibit […]

Nutra-Aid™ BL


Nutra-Aid™ BL is a direct fed microbial (DFM) feed additive and it contains a source of live naturally occurring probiotic […]


Oligosaccharide Immune Stimulator

NutraOligos™ is a natural, functional feed additive. It contains fructo and mannan oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides can modify animals intestinal ecosystem by […]

Feed Quality


Natural Phytase Supplement

Maxizyme is a premix of different performance enzymes, including amylase, cellulase, phytase, protease, and xylanase. These enzymes break down undigestable […]


Natural Acidifier and Antioxidant

MorAcid™ is an acidifier as well as an antioxidant. MorAcid™ prevents the oxidation of feed stuff and maintains proper pH […]


Direct-Fed Microbial Mycotoxin Binder

Mycogard™ is an animal feed additive that binds to mycotoxins, strengthens immune systems, and improves digestion and nutrient absorption.

Environmental Management


Biological Inoculant for Animal Waste Management

BioAct®-AW contains a group of beneficial microorganisms to provide treatment for animal waste management. BioAct®-AW speeds up the degradation of […]

Chick Gard™ Broad Spectrum Miticide/Insecticide

Broad Spectrum Miticide and Insecticide

Chick Gard™ is a natural organic miticide and insecticide made of a blend of organic essential oils and herbal extracts. […]

Odor Buster™

Natural Odor Reducer

Odor Buster™ is a natural feed additive for odor reduction. It is a special formulation designed to improve livestock and […]

Odor Buster™ Powder

Natural Odor Reducer


Odor buster™ restricts or prevents the urine-enzyme reactions and thereby reduces ammonia production in poultry litter or manure pit. The […]


Biological Stress and Ammonia Reducer

Stress-X™ is a biological product designed to improve the living environment of livestock by reducing the stress caused by pathogens […]

Phytogenic Solutions

Truphyte® Poultry

Phytogenic Solutions


TruPhyte® Poultry is proprietary mixture of plant extracts and probiotics synergistically improve blood circulation and energy metabolism, as well as […]

TruPhyte® PRO

Phytogenic Solutions


TruPhyte® PRO is a proprietary blend of stabilized plant essential oils and specially selected probiotics to replace antibiotics in animal […]