A world leader in crop and animal nutrition, agricultural research, and product development, JH Biotech has been a green agricultural powerhouse for over 37 years. Built on innovation and research, JH Biotech creates plant and animal nutrition products and microbials to bring customers maximized yields and higher quality, while remaining environmentally conscious.

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For over 37 years, JH Biotech has made strides in research and science for the benefit of your plants, animals, and the environment around them. Learn how we’ve molded that research into efficient green products.

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The Sour Truth about Lygus Bugs in Strawberries

Lygus Hesperus, or lygus bugs, can devastate your strawberry crops. If you grow strawberries, you are aware of the severe […]

Fosphite and Beech Leaf Disease

University of Rhode Island names JH Biotech's Fosphite® as a valuable solution to Beech Leaf Disease. 

The State of Agriculture After California’s Storms

Our plant nutrition specialists are on hand to answer any question and advise on inputs to help reinvigorate support healthy growth.

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Organic Grower Summit – December 4-5, 2024 | Monterey, CA


Growing organic is safer and healthier when you use organic plant and animal inputs. Learn more about JH Biotech’s strong organic values and certifications.

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