Plant Products

Growing constantly in agricultural innovation, JH Biotech delivers plant products designed to improve yields while promoting green initiatives. Through chelated minerals, agricultural biologicals, phosphite technology, and more; JH Biotech optimizes plant nutrition, protection, and amendment products to ensure you maximize your yields efficiently, safely, and profitably.


Boost yields with products that enhance soil health, increase efficiency, and give your crops the advantage they need to achieve new heights.

Plant Nutrition

Elevate yields with over 100 plant nutrition options from JH Biotech, tested and guaranteed to optimize plant health and growth.

Plant Protection

Discover plant protection that's tough on pests and weeds but gentle on the environment, with safe and efficient pesticides and repellants.

Agricultural Biologicals

Experience agricultural biologicals' long-term sustainability. Biological products enhance soil health and increase nutrient availability, growing crops healthier and more efficiently.


Growing with organic agriculture approved products reduces harsh chemical exposure and ensures long-term yields. Grow organically and amplify your bottom lines.