Animal Nutrition

Grow healthy and profitable livestock with JH Biotech’s animal feed additives and supplements. With a combination of science and care, JH Biotech’s patented chelation process and direct fed microbials fulfill an animal’s delicate needs. JH Biotech carries products for animal nutrition, gut health, feed quality, and living environments to cover all the demands of raising animals. Experience the innovative difference with a custom formulation and start improving your feed regimen with JH Biotech innovation.


Beef cattle benefit from increased nutrient utilization and a stronger immune system resulting in better meat and protein quality when given JH Biotech products.


Reach a broiler’s optimal size and weight faster and safer with feed additives and supplements designed to naturally help your broilers perform at their best.


Improve pet’s nutrition, health, and well-being with JH Biotech's quality organic trace minerals


Obtain more milk while improving the digestion, immune system, and gut health of your dairy cow with biological products generated to aid their needs.


Egg numbers and weight are increased when layers utilize the pre and probiotics in JH Biotech’s biological products.


Swine flourish with JH Biotech’s biological products, absorbing more minerals and consistently showing higher weights from start to finish.