Raising healthy and beautiful equine has never been easier thanks to our complete line of probiotic supplements, nutritional additives, and pest repellents specially formulated to provide the best in equine health and wellbeing.



Methionate Complexed Multimineral

Bio4 is a nutritional animal feed supplement formulated to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in animals and poultry. Bio4 contains […]

Bio4® Plus Methionine Complexed Minerals

Methionine Complexed Multimineral

Bio4® Plus Methionine Complexed Minerals is a nutritional animal feed supplement formulated to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in animals.

Buffermin® -L

Chelated Liquid Multimineral Supplement

Buffermin® -L contains glycine chelated minerals intended to be used as a nutritional supplement for animals. Buffermin® -L can be […]

Buffermin® Glycinate

Chelated Mineral Supplements

Partially soluble mineral glycine complexes with low molecular weight and small particle size that are easily absorbed in animals.

Buffermin® Methionate

Complexed Mineral Supplements

Essential sulfur amino acid methionine complex to prevent or correct mineral deficiencies and provide supplemental methionine for optimum body function.

Buffermin® Proteinate

Chelated Mineral Supplements

Minerals chelated to amino acids and proteins that are designed to provide essential minerals and a high-quality protein source.

Buffermin® Selenium Yeast

Selenium Enriched Yeast

Buffermin® Selenium Yeast is a organic complex selenomethionine formulated to prevent and correct selenium deficiency in animals. In addition to promoting […]


Chelated Multimineral Soluble Powder

Buffermin-SP is a multimineral mixture with bioavailable organic nutrients made from unique mineral chelation. Buffermin-SP corrects mineral deficiencies much quicker […]

Coat Care

Coat Care is a ready to use supplement that improves equine coat health. Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty […]


Powder Vitamin E & Selenium Balance

E-Sel® is a nutritional supplement that aims to enhance the synergistic effects of vitamin E and selenium in livestock and […]

Hoof Care

Hoof Care is a ready to use supplement to better equine hoof health. Its well-rounded formula provides chelated zinc, biotin […]

Immu Care

Immu Care is a ready to use prebiotic supplement that aids the immunity and general health of equine. A great […]


MinStar is a ready to use multi-mineral supplement specifically designed to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in equine. Featuring chelated […]

Gut Health

Bio Care

Bio Care is a ready to use probiotic supplement for the gut health of equine. Bio Care consists of live […]

Environmental Management

Calm Ride™

Calm Ride™ is a pesticide free natural fly repellent. Designed for peace of mind, Calm Ride™ effectively repels flies yet […]

Fly Trap™

Fly Trap™ is a simple to use and contact free fly control product designed for outdoor use. With its patented […]

Odor Buster™

Natural Odor Reducer

Odor Buster™ is a natural feed additive for odor reduction. It is a special formulation designed to improve livestock and […]

Odor Buster™ Powder

Natural Odor Reducer


Odor buster™ restricts or prevents the urine-enzyme reactions and thereby reduces ammonia production in poultry litter or manure pit. The […]

Phytogenic Solutions

TruPhyte® PRO

Phytogenic Solutions


TruPhyte® PRO is a proprietary blend of stabilized plant essential oils and specially selected probiotics to replace antibiotics in animal […]