Fosphite and Beech Leaf Disease

Beech trees are considered one of the most important trees in eastern North America. These trees provide food and shelter for wildlife and humans. In 2012, beech leaf disease began to infect beech trees after first being spotted in Ohio. Over time, it slowly spread across the United States East Coast and parts of Canada. University of Rhode Island has been researching the disease and believes JH Biotech’s Fosphite® to be a valuable solution.   

Symptoms and Infections 

Beech leaf disease (BLD) is detrimental to beech tree species. It’s caused by a nematode, a microscopic worm. In the winter, nematodes will hide in beech buds and their damage is shown when beech leaves bloom in the spring. Infected leaves develop dark bands between leaf veins. Some leaves may become very crinkled, smaller, and leather-like. If the tree is heavily infected, many buds are killed, and severely damaged leaves fall off. While beech trees produce new leaves, they are different from healthy beech trees. The new leaves are paler and weaker.  


This disease can destroy a mature tree within six to ten years, while beech trees normally can live up to 400 years. While tree removal can treat BLD, it can be a costly solution that leads to more problems for wildlife. In 2017, Ohio researchers discovered soil treatment using Fosphite products can treat infected trees. After five years of treatment, treated trees had fewer nematodes and were significantly healthier compared to non-treated trees. Although a five-year program may seem long, this treatment can help beech trees from overcoming BLD.  

The University of Rhode Island provided a list of products that can help beech trees from BLD, including JHB’s Fosphite®. Fosphite® is a two-way systemic fungicide for exceptional plant disease control. It is registered as a “reduced-risk pesticide” by the EPA. When applied preventatively, Fosphite® has great effectiveness against Phytophthora, Pythium, and other diseases. Fosphite® utilizes active ingredients mono- and di- potassium Fosphite to kill pathogens directly and boost plant immunity. Its multiple modes of action prevent pathogens from developing resistance. Fosphite® has a 4-hour re-entry and 0-day pre-harvest interval. 

JH Biotech hopes to provide a sustainable solution to help diminish BLD from spreading. Contact us today for information on how you can purchase Fosphite®. To read more about the University of Rhode Island’s findings, read about it here.