Natural Acidifier and Antioxidant

MorAcid™ is an acidifier as well as an antioxidant. MorAcid™ prevents the oxidation of feed stuff and maintains proper pH of the stomach and the upper small intestinal tract. MorAcid™ is both a dry powder that can be mixed with finished feed and premixes and a water soluble powder for use with water or liquid feed.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Organic acids, inorganic acids and enzymes.

PHYSICAL STATE: Free flowing powder


  • MorAcid™: Mix 1-2 kilograms (2-5 pounds) of MorAcid with 1 ton of complete feed.
  • MorAcid™ SP: Dissolve 1 kilogram of MorAcid SP in 20 liters of water to make a stock solution. Meter stock solution at a rate of 10 ml per liter of fresh drinking water.

STORAGE: Store in dry, cool places.Avoid exposure to moisture, heat and sunlight.

PACKAGING: 25 lbs.

  MorAcid™ Informational Flyer