New Organic Certification

Big news for our phosphate solubilizing inoculant. Soluphos SP has now been approved for organic production by the CDFA.

Soluphos SP is our biological phosphorus enhancer that frees locked phosphorus from insoluble forms for improved plant uptake. Containing specialized phosphorus solubilizing bacteria including Bacillus licheniformis, and Pseudomonas putida, Soluphos SP improves the nutritional value of crops while reducing the need for phosphate fertilizer consumption by 20-50%.

The CDFA, or California Department of Food and Agriculture – State Organic Program enforces organic regulations to protect consumers, producers, handlers, processors, and retailers by deciphering which products and goods can be labeled and sold as organic foods and products.

California organic farmers can now experience this sustainable, non-hazardous product to improve yields and their bottom line. An approval from the CDFA means that our customers can be assured that our products are made the best ingredients available to improve their growing environments.

For more on Soluphos SP, you can explore more information about the product here, review trial data, or get a comprehensive breakdown of Soluphos SP on how it works.