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How it Works

About Soluphos® SP

Bacteria contained in Soluphos® SP can increase phosphorus availability in soil. Soluphos® SP is a Soluble Powder. It’s a microbial inoculant containing microbial food and highly efficient phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, Bacilius licheniformis and Pseudomonas putida.

While phosphorus is a major nutrient for plant growth and root formation, most phosphorus in soil is in an insoluble form. Soluphos® SP tackles this issue by dissolving the fixed phosphorus into a plant utilizable form. Thus, plants can utilize residual phosphorus in soil and optimize external applications of fertilizers.

Recommended application methods:

The bacteria are most effective when closet to plant roots. To reach the plant roots, we recommend applying Soluphos® SP by:

  • Root dipping
  • Drip irrigation

Proven Results

How it Works
Step 1

Phorphorus is present but insoluble and unusable in the soil. The phosphorus ions are fixed to minerals and are not in a form that can be utilized by plants.

Step 2

Soluphos® SP is applied containing beneficial phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.

Step 3

The bacteria release organic acids and enzymes that solubilize the fixed phosphorus in the soil. In other words, phosphorus is separated from minerals.

Step 4

Phosphorus ions are in a form that is usable by the plants. How plants can absorb free phosphorus and minerals present in the nutrient rich soil.

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