Soluphos SP Proven Results

soluphos sp

Proven Results

Trial 1: Soluphos® SP Increases the Yield of Almonds

Description of trial:

In Australia, we performed a field test on almonds to test the yield performance of Soluphos® SP. We used Soluphos® SP at 1kg/ha with ammonium polyphosphate in the first irrigation for the season and then Soluphos SP was added at 250g/ha with every phosphorus application for 4 months. Total of 2kg/ha/season.

After the treatment we found that on average, almonds treated with Soluphos® SP had more yield for each almond tree. From there we converted the data to estimate the yield per hectare.

Trial 2: The Yield and Quality of Watermelon After Soluphos® SP Treatment

Description of trial:

From 6/21/17-9/1/17 we performed a field test on watermelons to test the yield and quality of Soluphos® SP. We drip-treated with 200ml of 0.5% of Soluphos® SP solution 20 days after transplanting. After the treatment we found that on average, watermelons treated with Soluphos® SP were sweeter, larger, and had higher yields.

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