Now You Can Get A Free Sample

Microbial technology is a cornerstone of our breakthrough achievements in progressive agriculture here at JH Biotech. Now for a limited time we are offering anyone curious about our microbial biofertilizers, beneficial bacteria products, and beneficial fungi products the opportunity to receive a free sample of any of these products.

Utilizing Bacillus subtillus, Bacillus licheniformis, Trichoderma spp and many more powerful non-chemical ingredients, farming with microbials products allows growers to access vigorous yields without adding chemical inputs. From specialized ingredients that solubilize locked phosphorus to ingredients that colonize roots to provide a physical barrier against pathogens, our products are made with cutting edge technologies that maximize growth for all types of plants and crops.

The list of benefits microbial products provide is nearly endless. Growers see increased germination, increased quality, and greater soil health. Microbial products are also proven to stimulate growth, produce strong root systems, and increase seed germination. Furthermore, the reduction in harsh chemical inputs that these products allow for leads to a bevy of long-term benefits and improvements to growing environments and yields.

 Now you can enjoy all these benefits for free with samples of JH Biotech favorites like Soluphos SP, Mycormax, and Promot. Apply for your free sample today.