Promot® Biological Inoculum

A Natural Growth Promoter


Promot® is a natural plant growth promoter produced by the fermentation of Trichoderma spp. It contains living organisms, enzyme complexes, and nutrients beneficial to plant growth in a variety of ways.

How It Works

The functions of Promot®’s microorganisms play important roles in how it works:

  • Trichoderma spp. produces enzymes to degrade organic substances such as cellulase, glucanase, and chitinase, and trigger bioactivity in soil to increase the fertilizer utilization and nutrient retention.
  •  The high quantity of Trichoderma spp. in Promot colonizes plant roots, dominating them for maximum health and growth.


For more on Promot® and its trial data download the informational flyer.

  Promot® Biological Inoculum Informational Flyer