Environmental Management


Biological Inoculant for Animal Waste Management

BioAct®-AW contains a group of beneficial microorganisms to provide treatment for animal waste management. BioAct®-AW speeds up the degradation of […]

Calm Ride™

Calm Ride™ is a pesticide free natural fly repellent. Designed for peace of mind, Calm Ride™ effectively repels flies yet […]

Chick Gard™ Broad Spectrum Miticide/Insecticide

Broad Spectrum Miticide and Insecticide

Chick Gard™ is a natural organic miticide and insecticide made of a blend of organic essential oils and herbal extracts. […]

Fly Trap™

Fly Trap™ is a simple to use and contact free fly control product designed for outdoor use. With its patented […]

Odor Buster™

Natural Odor Reducer

Odor Buster™ is a natural feed additive for odor reduction. It is a special formulation designed to improve livestock and […]

Odor Buster™ Powder

Natural Odor Reducer


Odor buster™ restricts or prevents the urine-enzyme reactions and thereby reduces ammonia production in poultry litter or manure pit. The […]


Biological Stress and Ammonia Reducer

Stress-X™ is a biological product designed to improve the living environment of livestock by reducing the stress caused by pathogens […]