Promot® Plus


Promot® Plus is a natural plant growth promoter produced by the fermentation of Trichoderma spp.

Its growth promoting microorganisms are delivered in the form of spores. By utilizing spores as opposed to other means, Promot® Plus’microorganisms are better protected from adverse conditions. This protection ensures a favorable environment at planting allowing for easy germination.

Promot® Plus’ microorganisms go on to multiply at a great rate producing growth factors that stimulate seed germination, root growth, and improves seedling survival, while increasing plant vigor.

Acting as a microbial seed treatment, transplant root dip, side dressing, pre-plant, drip irrigation, and more, Promot® Plus delivers long-lasting benefits for greater survival and increased yields.

If you’d like more information on Promot® and to ask for a sample of Promot® explore the Farming With Microbes landing page.

For more on Promot® Plus download the informational flyer.

  Promot® Plus Informational Flyer