Promot® MZM

A Natural Growth Promoter

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Promot® MZM is a seedling inoculant for use as a preplant root treatment or soil treatment for all transplants.

A biological starter fertilizer, Promot® MZM is designed to increase transplant survival by utilizing micronutrients and fermentation substances. Containing magnesium, zinc, and manganese, Promot® MZM creates a diverse rhizosphere dominated by beneficial micronutrients.

By increasing the amount of active beneficial micronutrients in the rhizosphere, Promot® MZM emphasizes greater root and plant growth. Promot® MZM also helps increase growth of existing plants while increasing flowering and reducing growth time.

If you’d like more information on Promot® MZM, or to ask for a sample of Promot® MZM explore the Farming With Microbes landing page.

For more on Promot® MZM download the informational flyer.

  Promot® MZM Informational Flyer