BioAct® SD

Biological Stubble Digester

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BioAct® SD is a stubble digester that accelerates the degrading process of field stubble and crop residue.

How It Works

BioAct® SD contains billions of functional microorganisms and humic acid, which greatly increases the microorganism population in the soil. These active microorganisms are able to produce enzymes, such as cellulase, protease, amylase, and lipase, which generate earlier decomposition.

The Decomposition Cycle

Faster decomposition is possible thanks to BioAct® SD’s diverse and abundant microorganism population. These microorganisms kick-start a decomposition cycle that increases available plant nutrients and organic matter in the soil.

If you’d like more information on BioAct® SD, or to ask for a sample of BioAct® SD explore the Farming With Microbes landing page.

For more on BioAct® SD and its trial data download the informational flyer.

  BioAct® SD Informational Flyer