The End to A Great Tradeshow Season

The World Ag Expo proved to be a success for JH Biotech! We were able to communicate with many exhibitors and visitors to discuss our regenerative approaches to agriculture. It was great walking through the Expo, there were clear skies while overlooking the snowy mountains. Central California is the heart of agriculture and we’re hoping to come back next year!  

JH Biotech also participated in the BioSolutions Conference and Expo in Reno, Nevada. The BioSolutions Conference and Expo allowed us to connect with exhibitors on specialty crop production. It’s important for us to learn about the latest information on biological products. Thank you for having us!  

This spring is proving to be a wetter season, as California has faced heavy rainfall and flooding. With the skies clearing up, we at JH Biotech are happy our products can assist farmers to recuperate from the rain.  

JH Biotech is looking forward to the next tradeshow season, hoping everyone has a great start to spring!