Join Us at This Year’s BioControls USA West Conference

Join us March 14-15, 2019 for the BioControls USA West Conference. Devoted to biocontrols and biostimulants, BioControls seeks to educate growers and pest control advisers while connecting them with researchers and suppliers in the biological industry.

For their time there PCAs and CCAs have the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units as they experience the latest products, techniques, and technological developments in biocontrols for improved operations and profitability. Additionally, attendees will gain knowledge on regulatory and market developments that are encouraging or requiring more use of biocontrols. The conference will also feature many of the leading biocontrol suppliers on the tradeshow floor and feature testimonials on the successes of integrated biological programs in agriculture.

Biologicals are an increasingly important path for growers. The demand for them has evolved from a niche market to a progressive standard in growing. We’re very proud to be pioneers in this emerging industry and for the opportunity to connect with growers and advisers interested in these revolutionary agriculture products.

We will be toting our full line of biological products as well as a special promotion for our mycorrhizal fungi soil amendment, Mycormax. For more in depth information on biologicals explore our biological product page or venture over to the BioControls Conference website.