JH Biotech Research Center Unveiled

The JH Biotech Research Center at Chung Hsing University was officially unveiled February 15, 2017 by Chung Hsing University Principal, Fuh-Sheng Shieu, and JH Biotech, Inc. founder, John Hsu. Located in the University’s National Agriculture Building, both JH Biotech, Inc. and Chung Hsing University wish to advance research and technology to benefit the world.

Based out of Ventura, California; JH Biotech, Inc. has dedicated over 30 years to agricultural science and product development, focusing in environmentally friendly inputs. Through research and innovation, the company aims to reduce the negative impacts of synthetic agricultural products by replacing them with natural and biological ones to better our environment and emphasize food safety.

JH Biotech, Inc. will now work with the university in three main directions: industry cooperation, technology transfer, and research application. This will focus in developing biological products, pesticide, fertilizers/growth promoters, animal feed additives, and rejuvenation preparation.

Hsu is an alumnus of the Agricultural Chemistry Department and has been elected the 14th Year, Outstanding Alumni. Shieu emphasized, after Hsu’s success in the US, he has not forgotten to give back to his alma mater. Adding that Hsu returns annually to teach classes for the International Agronomy master’s program and provides scholarships for students to study abroad.

Chung Hsing University is the leader of agricultural technologies and research in Taiwan. According to Hsu, we must utilize agricultural research to benefit society, and establishing a research center in the university is the path to execute that. He believes that it’s beautiful to carry a dream, and his dream is to push agricultural technologies and research to better the world.