JH Biotech in CAPCA Adviser’s October Issue

We are proud to announce our new advertorial in this months CAPCA Adviser. In the October issue of CAPCA Adviser our advertorial, “Prioritizing Customer Health with Efficient Biopesticides,” discusses the benefits of turning to biological pest control for plant protection.

Pest controls play a vital role in our agriculture cycles. In modern agriculture, chemical pesticides have been the commonplace for pest control; however, consumer concerns have rapidly grown over the negative health impacts humans, the environment, and beneficial pollinators face from exposure to these harsh chemicals.

Biopesticides such as our own Pest Out, Mildew Cure, and Chick Gard offer safer yet just as effective pest management solutions for a variety of needs. By utilizing essential oils and other natural ingredients, our products deliver a clean defense using hundreds of natural chemical constitutes known to deter pests that synthetic chemical pesticides attempt to replicate. Approved for organic production, our biopesticides offer season long protection without leaving behind toxic residues in soils or water supplies.

CAPCA Adviser is a published bi-monthly magazine produced by the California Association of Pest Control. CAPCA is a non-profit voluntary association that represents three-fourths of California’s EPA licensed pest control advisers. By eliminating pests in a safe synthetic-free way, we answer the consumers wants while improving plant yields. To read it online, visit page 39 here. For more material on our biopesticides visit our pages for Pest Out, Mildew Cure, Weed Zap, BioRepel, GC Mite, and Chick Gard. To read past CAPCA Adviser publications, visit their online archives.