JH Biotech CEO Promotes Animal Health in American Dairymen Profile

JH Biotech’s CEO Dr. Hsu appeared in an interview for this month’s issue of American Dairymen. There he shared how our organically chelated feed additive Buffermin® promotes animal health:

“[Our products] are safer for livestock and can prevent mineral deficiencies compared to inorganic minerals… Switching feed ration’s mineral sulfates to an organic mineral like Buffermin® ensures cows receive all the necessary nutrients to perform at their best.”

In addition to improving the health and viability of livestock, Dr. Hsu discussed various other ways that JH Biotech’s Integrated Health Management Program seeks to introduce organic options that reduce its environmental impact. When combined, prevention and correction methods provide a holistic solution to animal health that will help organic farmers meet growing demand while reducing the impact of environmental and economic pressures.

In order to provide sustainable, healthy food to a rapidly expanding population, the agriculture industry needs to overcome a wide variety of imposing obstacles. Drought and disease do not respond to economic pressures, so farmers will always need affordable access to clean, safe, environmentally friendly products.

That’s why our researchers have developed a careful, precise approach to crop and livestock management that maximizes yields and minimizes waste and pollution.

Read his interview on page 50 of the American Dairymen October issue to read more about Dr. Hsu’s philosophy of health management and prevention techniques. For more on Buffermin® visit our product page.