Presenting on Full Chelation at the China Feed Expo

We had the honor of presenting to thousands the complexities of our patented chelation technology at the China Feed Expo in Changsha, China. Housed in the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, the China Feed Expo is a five-day event that promotes green development in the animal feed industry. There, our own Dr. Franz Fernandez, led an in-depth presentation on the benefits of chelation technology in animal nutrition.



Dr. Fernandez highlighted chelation’s ability to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in animals, explaining that the benefits of chelated minerals go far beyond absorption. As Fernandez explains, minerals naturally interact with each other in the body to perform basic functions. Unfortunately, these functions can have negative results when the minerals interact antagonistically. With a chelated mineral, says Fernandez, you can prevent this negative outcome, while simultaneously preventing the oxidation of other vitamins and additives, providing ideal mineral levels in animals, and improving bodily functions.

Fernandez went on to explain how we improve chelation technology at JH Biotech with products that feature full chelation. Our two-step chelation process, in products such as our featured line of Buffermin Proteinates, creates a mineral complex that maintains its high quality in different environments. This gives our products a much higher degree of bioavailability than traditional inorganic minerals.

The China Feed Expo has been a yearly conference since 1996. In the twenty-two years it’s been around, it has solidified itself as a prominent place to display industry developments and promote new technologies. With over 50,000 attendees, twelve exhibitor categories, and participation from companies around the world; the China Feed Expo is the premier place to explore advancements in the animal feed industry.