Big News for JH Biotech Organics

We are happy to announce that our newest biological products BioAct® SD, SeedUp®, and Soluphos® SP are officially OMRI listed for organic use. The Organic Material Review Institute supports the organic industry by assessing materials and their compliance with organic standards. A certification from this nonprofit assures growers that our products comply with organic standards to produce food that’s free of harsh chemicals and helps create a greener planet.

More on the products:

  • BioAct® SD is a stubble and field residue digester. BioAct® SD’s billions of functional microorganisms produce hardworking enzyme complexes that accelerate the decomposition process of stubble and crop residue for fast and effective results.
  • SeedUp® is a specially formulated biological seed treatment that develops vigorous root systems. SeedUp® contains a group of diverse, specially selected microorganisms and additives to optimizes early season growth rates and crop yields.
  • Soluphos® SP is our innovative phosphorus solubilizer with microbial food and highly efficient phosphate solubilizing bacteria. Soluphos® SP frees soil’s locked-up phosphorus into a plant available form and improves fertilizer efficiency.

We’re very proud to provide our customers with these new products to revolutionize organic growing. You can learn more about BioAct SD, SeedUp, and Soluphos SP on our website. For more on our other products approved for organic growing, head over to our certifications page where you’ll find over forty products to fit your organic production needs.