Functional Plant Food®

Nitrate Converter™

Nitrate Converter contains molybdenum which is part of the nitrate reductase enzyme that is involved in the process of converting nitrate to available nitrogen.  Nitrate Converter is designed to increase fruit yield and quality, seed and storage tissue uniformity, reduce excessive vegetative growth, improve disease resistance, maintain hormone balance, and prepare crops for harvest.

Rejuven8™ Growth 18-5-10

Rejuven8™ Growth is a conventional N-P-K fertilizer with magnesium and humic acid encapsulated with organic matter derived from plant substances. This revolutionary new product is a granular formulation designed for use in furrow, banding, and broadcast or topdressing applications. This high nitrogen formula is specially designed for greening up plants in an active vegetative growth […]

Rhizone ®

Rhizone is a natural organic product. It contains precursors of plant growth stimulating factors which upon introducing to natural soils will be gradually converted to growth stimulating factors by microorganism in the rhizosphere.

Salt Down™

Salt Down is a source of nitrogen and calcium that reduces excess sodium salt levels in the soil. Salt Down restores soil structure for better drain­age and increased plant vigor. Salt Down provides plant nutrients and stimulates bio­logical activity in the soil.