Green Agriculture

The industrial production of nitrogen fertilizers accounts for 17% of all global greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. It is estimated by scientists that if the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere is not significantly reduced by the year 2050 all mankind will cease to exist. There are several greenhouse gasses, but we hear most about carbon dioxide. Agricultural crops and trees use carbon dioxide during the growing process which helps clean the atmosphere.

Green Agriculture minimizes the use of synthetic nitrogen and other synthetic materials (that generate greenhouse gasses during manufacturing). Green Agriculture strives to maximize food quality and production while balancing the sustainability of resources and the planet.

Green Agriculture combines elements of conventional farming, organics, natural products, microbiological products, soft chemistry, and sustainability principles to help green the earth.

JH Biotech is committed to doing our part to reduce greenhouse gasses by embracing Green Agriculture. Green Agriculture is not new for JH Biotech as you can see by our history below.

Biotechnologies for Safer Agriculture
Establish Biological Research department
Fosphite is a “Reduced Risk Fungicide” by EPA
2 Products Approved for Organic Farming
10 Products Approved for Organic Farming
21 Products Approved for Organic Farming
Weed Zap organic herbicide awarded Top 10 Product at World Ag Expo
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27 Products Approved for Organic Farming
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California Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP)
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Expand Biological Research Department
Launch new branding “Innovation for a Greener Earth”
28 Products Approved for Organic Farming


JH Biotech Has 11 Green Focus Areas:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Packaging
  3. Hazardous Substances
  4. Transportation
  5. Recycling and Disposal
  6. Product Effectiveness and Efficiency
  7. Tree Planting
  8. Community Volunteering
  9. Purchasing
  10. Water Management
  11. Introduce more Biological, natural, organic, and green products

Energy Efficiency
JH Biotech is working with the local energy supply companies to audit, evaluate, and reduce our energy consumption. JH Biotech is also investigating the potential use of solar cell panels on the production area roof. An energy plan is expected to be produced by year end 2014.

We use packaging that is recyclable or has post- consumer recycled materials in them. This applies to both our corporate office and our production facilities.

Hazardous Substances
By emphasizing green products we use less hazardous or toxic raw ingredients in our manufacturing processes. We use organically certified ingredients, pure and natural ingredients, and we manufacture reduced risk pesticides as certified by the U.S. EPA.

By combining loads and utilizing back hauling JH Biotech minimizes shipping. Fewer road miles means less pollution and greenhouse gasses.

Recycling and Disposal
JH Biotech works hard to reduce the amount of trash we produce in our office and production operations. We have an active recycling program and buy recycled or biodegradable materials. JH Biotech won the California Waste Reduction Award (WRAP) in 2010 for these efforts.

Product Effectiveness and Efficiency
Our products are concentrated liquids which means there is less transportation of water which means less fuel usage and less air pollution. Moreover, JH Biotech has fertilizers that are part N-P-K fertilizer and part organic matter. By reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizer in the product we help reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers that generate greenhouse gasses during their production. In addition, our organic herbicide, Weed Zap, won a Top 10 award in 2007 at the World Ag Expo.

Tree Planting
JH Biotech launched a program in 2014 to provide free trees to its customers to plant at their homes or businesses. The first year there were 50 trees given away. Each year more trees will be given away.

Community Volunteering
The first annual JH Biotech Green Earth Day was held on June 27, 2014. This annual event features a beach clean-up activity where JH Biotech employees collect trash at a local beach.

JH Biotech sources materials and products that use post-consumer waste and/or packaging that is marked recyclable.

Water Management
JH Biotech will assess its water usage patterns at the corporate office and manufacturing facilities to establish a baseline.

Introduce more Biological, natural, organic, and green products
By introducing more biologically-based, natural, organic, and green products, JH Biotech lives up to its motto of Innovation for a Greener Earth.

Metrics and baselines are being developed for each of these focus areas and will be presented on this web page soon.