Buffer-Safe™ 9-9-2

Buffer-Safe™ is formulated as a nutritional spray as well as an acidifying agent to lower the pH of alkaline water for foliar sprays*. Buffer-Safe™ is a significant source of supplemental foliar nutrients. Timed correctly, Buffer-Safe may increase crop yield, health, and overall vigor.

BufferMate™ – Activator – Buffer – Acidifier

BufferMate™ is designed to improve the effectiveness of pesticide and fertilizer solutions. Many pesticides are more effective and more slowly broken down when applied in acidic spray mixtures. The antioxidant properties of BufferMate™ will slow down the degredation of some pesticides. Reducing the pH of mixing water may also reduce the precipitation of fertilizer blends […]


Chameleon™ is an advance water conditioner and acidifier product designed to correct the pH of water before adding other products to the spray tank. As Chameleon™ is added to the spray tank the water color changes to indicate the pH range. This convenient color changing feature eliminates the need for pH meters and test strips.


MixWell is a multipurpose, multifunction product designed for soil and water application, where the pH needs to be lowered into a more acidic range. It is an organic based material that is natural and environmentally friendly. MixWell is ideal for conditioning alkaline soils and water.